Tell me about Mud Crab.

We're the best friends you always wanted.

We're givers of nourishment in food and drink form. We make things, bake things, sell things. We're a social assortment - a haberdashery cabinet of dining requirements. You pick and choose. We make you breakfast, bring you coffee, sort lunch, fix you up with a foodie date for dinner, shake cocktails for you...Easy on the fruit...? Sure thing.

We don't crowd you, we listen, we don't rush you or push you... We tell you things, listen when you speak...

We're into cool stuff like bikes, neon, voyaging afar, angels that fall, minxy bakers and burgers but we've also got a mean shake in us for sexy cocktails and we get the no bright lights in your eyeball when you're eating...We like our d├ęcor chic, comfy and simple. Cut the fuss.

So come join us when you've got time in the day - we'll ply you with relaxation, with comfort and food in your belly to make you feel tip top, A1 and top of the tree.

We are custom built for your delight.

We are Mud Crab Industries.